Original articles (blog posts, essays), as well as some older pieces I’ve written for other publications.

Latest Mar 24, 2021

DIY Research Studio

Over the last couple of months, there have been a few discussions and proposed ideas around fellowships, and indie research labs. For a few years, I’ve had the idea of a “consortium” where a few partners would support a yearlong research effort with some public outputs and some private reports, workshops, and the like.  Keep reading →

Feb 15, 2021

Attention OS

There are a lot of apps and settings in MacOS to manage notifications, timers, snooze, etc. However it would be a pain to setup everything, if even possible, to properly work by blocking-out hours. You can turn off all notifications and go to airplane mode but that’s pretty radical.  Keep reading →

Feb 11, 2021

Four Fours

How do you work? I think productivity gets somewhat of a bad rap, some people talk and write about it nonstop, for some it’s a way to optimize their workaholic tendencies, and sometimes it leads to too much focus on details, not enough on what you are actually trying to get done.  Keep reading →

Jan 27, 2021

Twitter X Revue

Revue is joining Twitter. The news has been making waves in the "newsletter world," this being only the most recent acquisition or investment over the last few weeks.  Keep reading →

Jan 07, 2021

Fellowships as a Service

My friend and collaborator Peter Bihr wrote that he thinks fellowships are the way forward. Basically, he argues for a lighter / more agile form of research than what academia and big R&D labs can accomplish, and believes that fellowships are an interesting option to achieve understanding in these edgy topics.  Keep reading →

Nov 25, 2020

On Projects, Newsletters, Products, and Formats

Last summer I wrote a proposal which included some of the structuring and medium-term thinking and plans for Sentiers. That included the idea of doing four publications a year, on top of the weekly and member Dispatches. The idea would be to produce something zine-ish twice and something report-ish twice.  Keep reading →

Sep 16, 2020

Eudaimonia Machine, Co-Leases, Coworking, & Cafes

With the current pandemic, lots is being written about open offices, work from home, flexible conditions, shorter weeks, etc. One of my favourite theories in that "field," the Eudaimonia machine, has been around for a few years and I was surprised I never mentioned it in Sentiers, so here are a few bits around the topic as well as some speculations.  Keep reading →

Jun 25, 2020

The Metaverse so Far

Following a member’s Dispatch, further reading on the topic of the Metaverse.  Keep reading →

Jun 12, 2019

Thinking About Thought Partnerships

For the last five or six years, I’ve been working as an editor/curator/writer for a few different clients. Then a couple of years ago over coffee I came up with the title of Thought Partner. The initial idea was that when working closely with clients, I often ended up contributing to the projects of various teams. At the time I viewed it as a kind of transdisciplinary form of consulting. Something I happened to be good at and could do in addition to the words I was writing for their audience.  Keep reading →

May 07, 2019

We Seek(ed)

Quick post just to regroup some of the work I did with e180, for easy linking and a bit of context.  Keep reading →

Apr 06, 2018

Work & Learn Out Loud

We need to learn from each other in the flow of work. People who are constantly learning and adapting need to draw from the teammates around them, collaborate, and be able to lean on each other. This involves not only communication between those working on a project but also transparency across the organization so that others can give a hand when projects overlap with their expertise.  Keep reading →

Oct 04, 2017

Micromastery, Allowing Ourselves to Start

We have so many opportunities for learning but also for procrastination, distraction, and for getting lost in the daily hustle and bustle. The idea of starting with relevant pieces of a bigger goal is quite appealing, things like preparing an omelette (as a first step to learn cooking), surfing standing up, baking artisan bread, brewing a delicious IPA craft beer, drawing a line sketch, learning to read Japanese script in three hours, or laying a brick wall.  Keep reading →

Jul 12, 2017

Platform Organizations. Supporting Collaboration, Creation & Adaptation

Following Simone Cicero’s work on the Platform Design Toolkit because of the important learning component presented as one of the “engines” behind platforms. What follows is a bit of a primer or recap of the many articles proposed on the associated publication, Stories of Platform Design. Focusing on the learning aspects found throughout.  Keep reading →

Nov 30, 2016

Learn Constantly, Become Future-Proof

Highlights a few concepts that have drawn particular interest in the course of my research for e180: strategy, perspectives, conversations and deliverables. Considered together, they propose a new direction that is learning-focused and teach us how we might move forward and work together creatively.  Keep reading →

Oct 01, 2013

Designing For Uncertainty

Responsible design requires thinking ahead, outside of the realm of today’s definition of normalcy, and bravely facing the risks head-on. Anab Jain of Superflux shares her curiosity for the near-future, superdensity and the power of suspended disbelief.  Keep reading →

Oct 01, 2012

Edge of Eversion

The distance has been breached. The physical world we inhabit and the digital world we created are now touching and becoming one. Where the overlap is most pronounced, on the foremost edges, people are making things, rekindling the old, creating the new, all enabled by an interconnected world.  Keep reading →