Extras — No.53

Last week was skipped for a little rest but I ended reading just as much, so No.53 is almost a two for one. Here’s “the rest” of what I wanted to share. ⁓ Tech A New Kind of Economy—An Interview with Andrew Yang Placing this under “tech” even though it’s politics because it’s mostly interesting […]

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The Automation Charade — No.52

This week we have: The Automation Charade. Tim Berners-Lee’s Inrup. The Chia cryptocurrency. Plain, trains, and automobiles. IP and data in Toronto. In praise of mediocrity. Hidden details of the NYPL, and much more. Fall is here 🍂, make sure to take long walks outdoors, enjoy the colours where you have them, and don’t watch […]

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Slow reading. What to measure. — No.50

So this is issue No.50. I’d hoped to produce something special for it, either some twist on the content or some artefact to “commemorate” but in the end, it’s “just” a newsletter and, more importantly, I’ve spent some time on finally finalizing Sentiers at Work, the prototype of which I’ll be sending to a few […]

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Harari doing some bleak abyss gazing — No.49

Harari twofer, lots and lots of tech topics this week, including an important copyright vote in Europe which I couldn’t really bring myself to write about more but it’s in there, you should read up. Also a longer than usual Miscellany section, including a couple that might be classified elsewhere but there you go, if […]

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Resisting Reduction: A Manifesto — No.48

We need to teach our children to read, and to enjoy reading.We need libraries.We need books.We need literate citizens. — Neil Gaiman (see Miscellany, which is the “books section” today) Resisting Reduction: A Manifesto The MIT Media Lab director, Joichi Ito, proposing an interesting vision for the future. Contrasting the “religion” of the Singularity with […]

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Ethics for data. Dynamicland Geokit. Fossil fuels policy. — No.46

This week features a good look at ethics for data, there’s some awesome mapping fun happening at Dynamicland, deeper thinking behind restrictive supply-side policies for fossil fuels, some Doctorow and some Morozov in tech, and two artsy pieces in miscellany. Quite a bit of an uptick on Mastodon this week, showing some actual promise but […]

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Sentiers No.44

Magic Leap. The Informational Dystopia. Superblocks. Hothouse. Bookstores.

As broad as Sentiers is, it doesn’t cover every topic hitting my radar and is written from a specific perspective, for myself and for readers whom I see as “curious, engaged citizens.” This September, I’ll be launching a new project focused more tightly on a few topics, something that might be described as “relevant and strategic knowledge for people leading in organizations.”

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Sentiers No.43

Eco-socialism. Benkler. Human Ego. Monteiro. Anthropocene. Multipotentialites.

Welcome new readers, thanks for joining! Quick reminder that if you’re in Montréal I also host a very informal coffee chat every couple of months, you can signup to be notified here, it’s called Les ponts (jusqu’à maintenant, plutôt en français mais “on parle bilingue”). ✕ Capitalism Killed Our Climate Momentum, Not “Human Nature” This at the […]

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Sentiers No.42

Octonions. Private data and public good. Sortition. Elders. Scifi. Watson. Weeknotes.

I’m very happy to say that starting in August I’ll be helming another newsletter, this one a collaboration with Atelier 10, who publish the excellent Nouveau Projet print magazine. It’s called Repères and you can subscribe here. It’s in French and will be sent monthly, threading much the same topic selection as Sentiers. Lastly, since finishing up an important contract a […]

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Sentiers No.41

Data crimes. Shenzhen. Musk, SV, and aviation. Data centres. MaaS.

For this issue, in the end, I kept a Cities section but I’m toying with the idea of streamlining things, having the usual few “featured” articles to start (any topic), then a Tech section (absorbing The Churn and AI), followed with something perhaps titled Shorts regrouping everything else. Oft included sections like Cities and Milieu would be folded in there. Thoughts? Yeas or nays? ✕ Elizabeth Denham: ‘Data […]

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Sentiers No.40

Cognition crisis. Changing knowledge. Egos. The Public Square. Surveillance.

You might have noticed that I did end up skipping two weeks to properly enjoy my vacation. I hope you used the time to catchup on past issues and other newsletter because this one is gigantic. I’m not sure if I should say “sorry” or “enjoy”. ✕ Future Human Not a new section/category but rather […]

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Sentiers No.39

Buckminster. Bias. AI Debating. Quickstarter. Bezos. Media and censorship.

As you read this I am on vacation. As such, for once, I have enforced a hard deadline on myself and closed up shop before dinner/supper Friday. That has meant cutting reading and writing short a bit, making this issue more succinct than usual. Next Sunday is definitely off, then if I do manage to […]

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Sentiers No.38

AI Ideals. Capitalism. Whistleblowers. Inclusive Urbanism. Automation.

Happy father’s day to the dads around here. I hope some of what I include in these newsletters helps you in understanding the world we are leaving our kids and in taking some actions. ✕ Tackling the Ethical Challenges of Slippery Technology Anab Jain, starting from Google’s AI principles, show us some of the thorny […]

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Sentiers No.37

Bourdain. Books. Learning. Electric Scooters. AI. GitHub. China and meat. 2001.

This is a long one. It’s all good stuff (of course) but there are two main parts if you want to focus; ‘books and learning,’ followed by a ‘technology’ section. Then a short ‘cities’ and a very miscellaneous ‘miscellany.’ ✕ Don’€™t Eat Before Reading This I can’t say Anthony Bourdain is much in my usual “beats” […]

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Sentiers No.36

Futures. Design Fiction. Darkness. Lots of drones. Trudeau’s Pipe. Crazy Walls.

This week ended up with something of a futures theme with critics of technology, design fiction, and a very dark future by Charlie Stross. Lots of drones. And my extreme 😡 of the week with Trudeau ignoring the future and purchasing a pipeline, with Bill McKibben’s reaction. ✕ Futuring “Why don’t you go live in […]

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