Newsletter No.227 — Jul 10, 2022

Data as the New Soil ⊗ Curatorial Governance ⊗ Days of Futures Past

This week → Data as the new soil, not oil ⊗ Curatorial governance ⊗ Days of futures past ⊗ Liminal dust up ⊗ The most important AI model of the decade

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.181 was Everyone should decide how their digital data are used — not just tech companies by Jathan Sadowski, Salomé Viljoen and Meredith Whittaker.

The shape of my ‘work life’ is set to change in August. I expect to keep the same writing time set aside for the newsletter and have no plan to stop Sentiers. However, making that part of my time more clearly self-sustaining would be fantastic. More subscribers means more supporting members, more supporting members means a more sustainable model. All of this to say that if lots of readers each send a new subscriber or two my way over the next few weeks, it would get me closer to that balance.

In the same vein, I’ve been getting some new readers through The Sample, and their emails have been regularly pointing me in fun directions. Every week, I receive one article from a random blog or newsletter that matches up with my interests. Sign-up here to try it out, and it will also help to get Sentiers in front of more people.

Finally, Sentiers is a media partner of the PRIMER22 conference, “the conference designed to prepare you for the future,” which will be held online in September. Readers of the newsletter can get a ticket here and use the code P22PA15 to get 15% off.