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Matt Muir, Web Curios

Some recurring inquiries

  • Where is technology going, how can it be more humane?
  • How can we bring about the futures we want?
  • What are the important signals of change and past lessons which might provide glimpses of what’s coming?
  • How should cities evolve for their citizens?
  • Are AIs new competitors or new companions?
  • What of the climate, ecosystems, and systems in general?

Latest issues

No.281 — Oct 01, 2023

AI, Hardware, and Virtual Reality ⊗ From Synthetic Biology to AI ⊗ Capitalism Is Dead

No.280 — Sep 24, 2023

Liberty Machines and Dark Tech ⊗ Tomorrow’s Democracy Is Open Source ⊗ The Living Things that Feast on Plastic

No.279 — Sep 17, 2023

Simulating History with ChatGPT ⊗ We Should All Be Luddites Now ⊗ Taking Business Personally