Newsletter No.229 — Jul 24, 2022

Designing without Depletion ⊗ This Heatwave Has Eviscerated the Idea that Small Changes Can Tackle Extreme Weather ⊗ Crimes Against Transhumanity

This week → Designing without depletion ⊗ This heatwave has eviscerated the idea that small changes can tackle extreme weather ⊗ Crimes against Transhumanity ⊗ Towards data neutrality

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.183 was A Prehistory of DAOs by kei.

Welcome to this slightly different (and shorter) issue, I had planned on being about 50% on vacation this week, but it turned out to be more like 75% and the bulk of work taken up by non-newsletter things. I did want to send something anyway, since I had yet to announce the coming vacation break. To wit; I’m taking the next three Sundays off, issue No.230 will come to you on August 21st.