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Jan 17, 2020


This Dispatch regroups some excellent reads on these essential organisms and I’m taking a somewhat liberal approach to the theme by including things like legal personhood for natural phenomena, fungi, and the metaphorical tree of knowledge.  Keep reading →

Nov 20, 2019


That’s something we’ve been hearing more of as we realize everything that’s not working right, everything that our societies will need to do differently. We’ll be hearing a lot more still about maintenance as consumerism needs to slow down, as cities and all infrastructures need to prepare for, and periodically get back up from, existing and coming climate-caused catastrophes.  Keep reading →

Oct 31, 2019

Ideas & tools from my process

I don’t have any plans for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) but for this second Dispatch I decided to give you some answers to what is definitely the question I get asked the most often: “how do you do it?!” By which people usually mean, how do you manage to put so much stuff in Sentiers week after week?  Keep reading →

Oct 18, 2019


Welcome to this first members only Dispatch from Sentiers, thanks for joining! One of the topics I’m very interested in but rarely feature on the weekly Sentiers is design. Since, at it’s core, everything I send is simply what I’m interested in, I decided to sift through all my recent unreads, research folders, and a few I’ve featured in the past on Sentiers at Work, to offer you a selection of design related articles. It’s not an intro or a best off, but rather what’s currently being shared in my feeds and drawing my attention.  Keep reading →