Newsletter No.235 — Sep 25, 2022

Fermented Code: Modelling the Microbial Through Miso ⊗ Rewilding Mythology ⊗ Why Every Designer Should Be a Systems Thinker

This week → Fermented code: modelling the microbial through miso ⊗ Rewilding mythology ⊗ Why every designer should be a systems thinker ⊗ Why isn’t everybody rich yet? ⊗ Designing the future with applied Sci-fi

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.189 was The word for web is forest by Claire L. Evans.

It’s not the first time I’ve said this, but one of the things that keep me writing this newsletter is the joy of finding connections and uncovering them serendipitously. I received the first article, by Claire L. Evans (the most clicked article from a year ago was also by her), directly from her newsletter and the second was posted by Keely on the RADAR Discord. Both looked intriguing but it’s only when sitting down to read them that they ‘magically’ fit together perfectly, talking about mythology, history, systems, nature, and more-than-human entanglement while connected through fermentation and composting.

Relatedly, to me anyway, some readers have said that Sentiers stretches their brains, gets them to read things they wouldn’t have previously, or that they ‘graduated to’ over months. I’m doing the same in the researching and writing of each issue, I hope that’s what it brings to you too; extending ourselves and our understanding, discovering new perspectives we hadn’t considered before.