Newsletter No.222 — Jun 05, 2022

Why We Need a New Kind of Education: Imagination Studies ⊗ Old Thinking Will Break Your Brain ⊗ Reality Is Scarce

This week → Why we need a new kind of education: Imagination Studies ⊗ Old thinking will break your brain ⊗ Reality is scarce ⊗ Constructing a regenerative future

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.176 was Future Myopia by Mehitabel Glenhaber.

As I’ve mentioned on LinkedIn, I’ve got quite a bit of availability over the next couple of months, hit reply or book a call if you want to work on something together.

But that also means that I have some time to work on Sentiers so I’m very interested in hearing what you have to say about the newsletter, how it might be more useful for you in general, and how it might be more useful in a way that makes paid membership more attractive for you. All replies are welcome.

Speaking of membership, the Discord server has been on a different speed than most so I asked participants what they thought of it. A couple of answers were “I think of this server as a space for ‘slower thinking’ if you will—I appreciate the considered nature of the conversation, feels like an intellectual respite within Discord.” And “It reminds me of when I joined the WELL awhile back. It felt like you needed to be mindful about what you posted.” So yeah! Join us for slow and considerate discussions.