Newsletter No.101 — Nov 03, 2019

Just Enough Internet ⊗ Techno-Fix Futures Accelerate Climate Chaos ⊗ We Misremember the Internet’s Origins ⊗ How a 24/7 World Destroyed Time

This week → Just enough Internet ⊗ Techno-fix futures will only accelerate climate chaos ⊗ How we misremember the Internet’s origins ⊗ Douglas Coupland: How a 24/7 world destroyed time ⊗ Never underestimate the intelligence of trees.

A year ago → Climate change and technology define the rural future.

Current line of thought: balancing the need to reach for things oft deemed impossible (hello “solutions” to the climate crise!) with, in other fields, the need to tone down wants and expectations to work towards the sufficient and appropriate.

In other news, I’m guest editing again next Monday through Thursday, have a look!