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The weekly newsletter is the main output of my ideas curation / sense making practice, each issue appears in the newsletter section, just as it was sent. Everything else that’s publicly available, including notes from the issues, articles and Dispatches, can be found here in this “library.”

Basically, this section is a digital garden. Which Tom Critchlow describes as “a space to nurture, edit in real time and evolve my thinking”. To learn more on the concept, see the link above but also have a look at Mike Tannenbaum’s great longer description and expansive garden.

I broke up each issue of the weekly newsletter into its constituent parts, which I call Notes. Each is tagged and not only linked with previous issues’ relevant parts but also with incoming additional notes that I’m writing on an ongoing basis. The goal is to have a living collection that evolves, instead of a static archive. Since I don’t consider that a “true” digital garden or a simple archive, I tend to use the word “library.”


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  • Here’s What I’m Thinking — Article

    The four interviews meant for my first issue are already done, and some of the editing has been done. I’d love to get those published, but ideally as part of ‘jumping on a different horse,‘ not just blog posts. So how should I do it? Here’s the format I’m considering.
  • DIY Research Studio — Article

    Over the last couple of months, there have been a few discussions and proposed ideas around fellowships, and indie research labs. For a few years, I’ve had the idea of a “consortium” where a few partners would support a yearlong research effort with some public outputs and some private reports, workshops, and the like.
  • Attention OS — Article

    There are a lot of apps and settings in MacOS to manage notifications, timers, snooze, etc. However it would be a pain to setup everything, if even possible, to properly work by blocking-out hours. You can turn off all notifications and go to airplane mode but that’s pretty radical.

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Public Dispatches

  • Thoughts on Web3

    A couple of months ago this Dispatch might have been called ‘WTF Web3?’ Today, it should be quite a bit more informed. Still, I’m in no way any kind of specialist on the topic, just spending a bit more time exploring, which is what I’d like to share here. Just a list of thoughts and things to read.
  • The Doctor Will Cyborg You Now

    A few technologies pointing in a direction I find intriguing, and so associating them loosely with a concept the concept of cyborgs, which has been used in various differing ways.
  • Intelligences

    The term Artificial Intelligence needs to be reframed, Augmented Intelligence needs to be explored more deeply, and so do more varied perspectives and other forms of intelligence in nature.

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