Newsletter No.247 — Dec 18, 2022

Lonely Surfaces ⊗ A Community Isn’t a Garden, It’s a Bar. ⊗ Degrowth Can Work

This week → Lonely surfaces ⊗ A community isn’t a garden, it’s a bar. ⊗ Degrowth can work ⊗ Unexceptional mammals ⊗ Set the stage for the next 1,000 years

A year ago → A favourite in issue No.201 was Your attention is not a resource by L. M. Sacasas. (Yes, he also wrote the first article shared this week. Serendipity.)

This is the last issue of Sentiers for 2022, I’m taking a break and will be back on January 15th. There’s an extra little generative image at the end, happy holidays!