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Latest No.220 — May 22, 2022

The Modern World Can’t Exist without These Four Ingredients ⊗ Graph Minds ⊗ To Voice or to Exit: Crypto Cities

Planetary political entity ⊗ Five things about horizon scanning ⊗ The Deep Image of the City ⊗ Native nations use federal funds to build broadband  Keep reading →

No.219 — May 15, 2022

The Whole Field ⊗ Wind-up Worlds ⊗ An Innovative Report on Old Technologies

Polak’s Pull from the future ⊗ City-led political structures ⊗ WeCrashed, WeWork and the lesson for the future of work  Keep reading →

No.218 — May 08, 2022

“Technology in the Present Tense” - Notes From a Weary Luddite ⊗ Should We Ditch Sustainability? ⊗ How Fungi Can Help Feed Future Space Colonies

Storytelling - Harmon vs. McKee ⊗ How heterarchy can help us put hierarchy in its place ⊗ Inside ‘the most real of fictional places’ ⊗ The next Gary Hustwit movie is about Brian Eno  Keep reading →

No.217 — May 01, 2022

The Costs of Digital Utopia ⊗ The Power of Narrative ⊗ History and More Regenerative Futures

This conversation with richard powers is a gift ⊗ Fred Scharmen interviewed at The Prepared ⊗ China Is Planning Record Wind and Solar Power Additions This Year ⊗ From seawater to drinking water, with the push of a button  Keep reading →

No.216 — Apr 24, 2022

Resilience, Abundance, Decentralization ⊗ A World Where Finance Is Democratic ⊗ Resist the Urge to Be Impressed

A pan-African utopia in the stars ⊗ Speculating on our climate future ⊗ Octopus farming: critics say plans are unethical ⊗ The Climate Game — Can you reach net zero? ⊗ The Tech Bubble That Never Burst  Keep reading →

No.215 — Apr 17, 2022

Climate Hauntologies ⊗ The Automation Myth ⊗ Funding the Third Horizon

Peak data ⊗ Ancestral futures ⊗ Art theory helps us understand the future of the metaverse ⊗ More futures reads ⊗ The Legend of the Music Tree ⊗ Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years  Keep reading →

No.214 — Apr 10, 2022

A Sequence of Dunbar-Like Numbers ⊗ Speaking Is 2.8x Better than Picking Fleas ⊗ Low-Technology

Three more things you won’t believe about Speculative Design ⊗ Third places ⊗ Opportunity cost in policy ⊗ Noam Chomsky abyss gazing ⊗ The world’s forests do more than just store carbon ⊗ The fifth state of matter in the universe  Keep reading →

No.213 — Apr 03, 2022

Why Christopher Alexander Still Matters ⊗ The Future of Sustainability ⊗ The Cleanest Way to Address the Crisis

Belonging, care and repair ⊗ The miserable lives of cyborg truck drivers ⊗ Peek into the future ⊗ Solar 3.0 ⊗ Microplastics found in human blood ⊗ The Nimo Smart Glasses Want to Replace Your Laptop  Keep reading →

No.212 — Mar 27, 2022

Not Soon Enough ⊗ On Floating Upstream ⊗ This Is the Reason Demis Hassabis Started DeepMind

Holding (and scrolling) attention ⊗ Useful ⊗ Extra long reads ⊗ The People Who Draw Rocks ⊗ The Spectacular Diversity of Slime Molds  Keep reading →

No.211 — Mar 20, 2022

Hope for the Future ⊗ Terranascient Futures Studies & Foresight ⊗ Solarpunk: A Container for More Fertile Futures

Regenerative needs to be the new sustainable ⊗ Describing the emotions of life online ⊗ Workplace serendipity and invention  Keep reading →