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Latest No.250 — Jan 29, 2023

The Map Room Is a Physical Room-Size Wiki for Collaboration From the 1950s ⊗ Computers Enable Fantasies ⊗ Imagination Infrastructure — What Do We Mean?

Accelerating transition by concentrating on positive tipping points ⊗ Who owns the generative AI platform? ⊗ Worlding with digital twins ⊗ Science Fiction as a Futurist Tool  Keep reading →

No.249 — Jan 22, 2021

‘If You Win the Popular Imagination, You Change the Game’: Why We Need New Stories on Climate ⊗ Imagination Infrastructures ⊗ AI and the Big Five

Meet Michael Running Wolf, the man using AI to reclaim Native languages ⊗ Hyperconnected culture and its discontents ⊗ Social quitting  Keep reading →

No.248 — Jan 15, 2023

How to Think About What’s Possible for Tomorrow ⊗ AI Hybrids ⊗ Why Not Mars

Everything is deeply intertwingled ⊗ Two ways to think about decline ⊗ Cascade inquiry ⊗ Design fiction playlist  Keep reading →

No.247 — Dec 18, 2022

Lonely Surfaces ⊗ A Community Isn’t a Garden, It’s a Bar. ⊗ Degrowth Can Work

Unexceptional mammals ⊗ Set the stage for the next 1,000 years ⊗ Stop chasing utopia. Create "protopia" instead. ⊗ Forecasting Research Institute  Keep reading →

No.246 — Dec 11, 2022

Unmanaged Expectations ⊗ Intertwining Indigenous Knowledge with Synthetic Biology ⊗ Mastodon Isn’t Just a Replacement for Twitter

Cory Doctorow wants you to know what computers can and can’t do ⊗ Linus Lee is living with AI ⊗ Stuart Hall’s identities framework  Keep reading →

No.245 — Dec 04, 2022

Expanding the Futures Cone’s Concept of the Futures and the Pasts ⊗ Reading as Counter-Practice ⊗ A Bot that Watched 70,000 Hours of Minecraft Videos

Web3, the Metaverse, and the lack of useful innovation ⊗ This singer deepfaked her own voice—and thinks you should too ⊗ Digital Futures Gathering 2022  Keep reading →

No.244 — Nov 27, 2022

Can Solarpunk Save the World? ⊗ A Great Leap Forward in AI ⊗ Neal Stephenson’s Vision Is Very Much Alive

Don Quixote tells us how the Star Wars franchise ends ⊗ Whose Future? ⊗ Designing just futures ⊗ Live stream in the Namib Desert  Keep reading →

No.243 — Nov 20, 2022

Sunshine Machines: Towards a Feminist Future of Digital Care ⊗ To Doubt, to Question, to Say ‘Enough’ ⊗ Worldbuilding, Pt. 1

Brian Eno reveals the hidden purpose of all art ⊗ Futures Thinking Educators ⊗ Exploring Afrofuturism in St. Louis  Keep reading →

No.242 — Nov 13, 2022

A New Climate Reality Is Coming Into View ⊗ Ways to Think About a Metaverse ⊗ Thinking Together

Peering into the invisible present ⊗ Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza ⊗ Ethereal Photographs of England’s Forests  Keep reading →

No.241 — Nov 06, 2022

Theses on the Techlash ⊗ Towards Growing Peaches Online ⊗ Invasive Diffusion

Dall-E, Jacques Ellul and technique as self-service ⊗ Vanguard Estates ⊗ Living with soft dragons ⊗ Decolonising Utopia ⊗ Metaverse Fashion Trends  Keep reading →