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Latest No.266 — May 28, 2023

How Design Is Governance ⊗ Where Ideas Come From ⊗ “This Studio Is a Response to Hopelessness About the Future”

Foresight: The mental talent that shaped the world ⊗ “In a world with superintelligence” ⊗ Trends have lost all meaning ⊗ Brain and spine implants allow paralyzed man to walk naturally again  Keep reading →

No.265 — May 21, 2023

Why an Easier Life Is Not Necessarily Happier ⊗ What A.I. Risks We Should Really Be Worried About ⊗ Google I/O and the Coming AI Battles

What happens when the computers disappear? ⊗ What’s the point of reading writing by humans? ⊗ Cory Doctorow on the Future Now podcast ⊗ Naive Yearly  Keep reading →

No.264 — May 14, 2023

Will AI Become the New McKinsey? ⊗ Doug Rushkoff Is Ready to Renounce the Digital Revolution ⊗ Degrowth in Japan

AI is reimagining the way we play role-playing games ⊗ The Biophilia Paradox ⊗ What I want from the internet ⊗ None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use  Keep reading →

No.263 — May 07, 2023

Playing the Future ⊗ Deskilling on the Job ⊗ How We Ended up in the Era of ‘Quantitative Aesthetics’

What Oslo’s Future Library means for writers and the written word ⊗ The Internet isn’t meant to be so small ⊗ Adventures in science fiction prototyping ⊗ The Galactic Menagerie, Wes Anderson’s Star Wars  Keep reading →

No.262 — Apr 30, 2023

Radical Design for a World in Crisis ⊗ The Catalogers ⊗ Collective Mental Time Travel Can Influence the Future

The Andy Warhol copyright case that could transform generative AI ⊗ Design lessons from Space Invaders ⊗ All flourishing is mutual ⊗ Tiny Illustrated Sci-fi Stories  Keep reading →

No.261 — Apr 23, 2023

Through the Looking Glass ⊗ Intelligence Superabundance ⊗ The One About AI

Holographic media ⊗ Why Alcova moves around Milan ⊗ Chess is booming among teens ⊗ Respect for the Carthusian monks ⊗ Stability AI launches first suite of language models  Keep reading →

No.260 — Apr 16, 2023

Resisting Deterministic Thinking ⊗ The Green Techno-Dream Is so Vastly Destructive ⊗ How to Rest Well

Smoke screen ⊗ For Sarah Bakewell, nothing human is Alien ⊗ Chart the threat of killer fungi ⊗ A book from the Steve Jobs archive  Keep reading →

No.259 — Apr 09, 2023

What Is to Be Done? ⊗ The Future of Strategic Decision-Making ⊗ Just How Big Could the Brittleness Bubble Get?

The power of indulging your weird, offbeat obsessions ⊗ On creative work as a space for new possibilities ⊗ On the link between great thinking and obsessive walking  Keep reading →

No.257 — Mar 26, 2023

Hard to Believe ⊗ The Metaverse Is Not a Place ⊗ The Case for Slowing Down AI

On generative AI, phantom citations, and social calluses ⊗ How tech companies reshape the economy ⊗ Brainstorm questions not ideas ⊗ Building a better future through imagination  Keep reading →