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Latest No.229 — Jul 24, 2022

Designing without Depletion ⊗ This Heatwave Has Eviscerated the Idea that Small Changes Can Tackle Extreme Weather ⊗ Crimes Against Transhumanity

Towards data neutrality ⊗ A Prehistory of DAOs ⊗ No newsletter for the next three weeks  Keep reading →

No.228 — Jul 17, 2022

The Model Is the Message ⊗ Soulbinding Like a State ⊗ The Value of Being a Professional Amateur

An archeology for the future in space ⊗ What it would take to see the world completely differently ⊗ Project Drawdown updates world’s leading set of climate solutions  Keep reading →

No.227 — Jul 10, 2022

Data as the New Soil ⊗ Curatorial Governance ⊗ Days of Futures Past

Liminal dust up ⊗ The most important AI model of the decade ⊗ How the internet became a doom loop ⊗ 2022 Strategic Foresight Report  Keep reading →

No.226 — Jul 03, 2022

The Theft of the Commons ⊗ A Conversation About Civilizational Collapse ⊗ The Innovation Delusion

A new kind of renaissance ⊗ The new Nomos of the planet ⊗ Who owns the future(s)? ⊗ What our fantasies about futuristic food say about us  Keep reading →

No.225 — Jun 26, 2022

Rambunctiously Anti-Disciplinary ⊗ After Crypto ⊗ The Perils of Smashing the Past

Mini forests ⊗ Small groups ⊗ The End of the Cow: And Other Emerging Issues ⊗ How to Future  Keep reading →

No.224 — Jun 19, 2022

Three Design Principles for Protopian Governance ⊗ Introducing the Community Power Compass ⊗ Animal Magic: Why Intelligence Isn’t Just for Humans

Facing the strategic sublime: scenario planning as gothic narrative ⊗ A call out to branch off, 2022 AgroParisTech Graduation ceremony ⊗ TitTok Boom  Keep reading →

No.223 — Jun 12, 2022

Planning an Eco-Socialist Utopia ⊗ How to Eat the Future ⊗ Your Kids Are Not Doomed

Boundary objects and decentralised innovation ⊗ Libraries, a love story ⊗ Possible Just and Regenerative Future ⊗ To Understand Elon Musk, You Have to Understand This ’60s Sci-Fi Novel  Keep reading →

No.222 — Jun 05, 2022

Why We Need a New Kind of Education: Imagination Studies ⊗ Old Thinking Will Break Your Brain ⊗ Reality Is Scarce

Constructing a regenerative future ⊗ Why we’ll never be full time in virtual reality ⊗ Outlier roles in venture capital (and other organizations) ⊗ Defining Futures Thinking  Keep reading →

No.221 — May 29, 2022

The Myth of the Machine ⊗ Polytopias: The Missing Speculative Genre ⊗ We Need a Public Internet & How to Get One

We need new stories of what it means to be human ⊗ Alternative epistemic agents for restaurant menus etc ⊗ Cardigan scifi  Keep reading →

No.220 — May 22, 2022

The Modern World Can’t Exist without These Four Ingredients ⊗ Graph Minds ⊗ To Voice or to Exit: Crypto Cities

Planetary political entity ⊗ Five things about horizon scanning ⊗ The Deep Image of the City ⊗ Native nations use federal funds to build broadband  Keep reading →