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No.210 — Mar 13, 2022

World Building ⊗ Imagine Other Futures ⊗ Our Shared Storm

Astonishingly hyperconnected ⊗ Kogonada, Nick Foster, and Liam Young ⊗ Can artificial faeces revive the ocean ecosystem? ⊗ More laptops and phones should aspire for better battery life, not thinness  Keep reading →

No.209 — Mar 06, 2022

Disambiguation ⊗ Long Distance Thinking ⊗ Visualising and Communicating Complexity

Cybernetics, AI, feedback loops, and data ⊗ A Copernicus moment ⊗ Excess emissions and nations most impacted ⊗ Modular homes with vertical farms  Keep reading →

No.208 — Feb 27, 2022

AI & the Future of Civilization ⊗ Rethinking Labels: the Origins of Metalabel ⊗ Of Pods, Squads, Crews & Gangs

Magic carpets ⊗ From cyberpunk to solarpunk ⊗ False futurism ⊗ Ikea’s Race for the Last of Europe’s Old-Growth Forest ⊗ Kenya to use solar panels to boost crops by ‘harvesting the sun twice’  Keep reading →

No.207 — Feb 20, 2022

How to Develop a Planetary Consciousness ⊗ Why You Can’t Rebuild Wikipedia with Crypto ⊗ Because Your Algorithm Says So

Okorafor, Palmer, and Gibson ⊗ DeepMind Has Trained an AI to Control Nuclear Fusion ⊗ Machine Learning Becomes a Mathematical Collaborator ⊗ Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies  Keep reading →

No.206 — Feb 13, 2022

The Metaverse Is a New Word for an Old Idea ⊗ Climate-Change-Driven Inflation ⊗ The Internet Is Just Investment Banking Now

Class 1 / Class 2 problems ⊗ Who’s really being optimistic about tech ⊗ Behold! NASA captures groundbreaking images of Venus’ surface ⊗ Solarpunk Canon  Keep reading →

No.205 — Feb 06, 2022

Back to the Victorian Future ⊗ Builder Brain ⊗ Artefacts From Hopeful Futures

Holding to account: On duties of care and resistance to Big Tech ⊗ The Oslo Futures Catalogue as a garden of ideas ⊗ Extreme Heat in the Oceans Is Out of Control ⊗ China unveils five-year plan for space exploration  Keep reading →

No.204 — Jan 30, 2022

Morals in the Machine ⊗ Tree Thinking ⊗ What Does It Mean to Design Urban Technology?

Artificial animals ⊗ Science Fiction and Philosophy ⊗ Tree Root System Drawings ⊗ Gallery of Physical Visualizations and Related Artifacts  Keep reading →

No.203 — Jan 23, 2022

Seeing without Looking ⊗ A Map in Search of Territory ⊗ Spoiling the Last Frontier

AAs, co-ops, and DAOs ⊗ A Brief Compendium of Modernist Homes for Movie Villains with Flawless Taste ⊗ DIY Glaciers ⊗ Architecture in Music by Charles Brooks  Keep reading →

No.202 — Jan 16, 2022

Oh, 2022! ⊗ Change of Seasons ⊗ Tropical Futurism

The planet-killing asteroid is always political ⊗ Filtered for deep time and stories from space ⊗ Feminist Tech Policy ⊗ The happiest number I’ve heard in ages ⊗ Young Chinese Show a Growing Appetite for Plant-Based Diets  Keep reading →

No.201 — Jan 09, 2022

Your Attention Is Not a Resource ⊗ Routine Maintenance ⊗ How Bad Are Plastics, Really?

Tech questions for 2022 ⊗ the design of time ⊗ Inside a hollow library book, a secret library ⊗ The Terraforming 2022: Reading List ⊗ Unearthing the truth  Keep reading →