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No.256 — Mar 19, 2023

Jungle Snooker and AI’s High Weirdness (Webb, Klein, Doctorow, and Evans on AI) ⊗ Apocalyptic Infrastructures ⊗ There’s Nothing Unnatural About a Computer

Over reliance as a service ⊗ Rewatch the GPT-4 developer livestream ⊗ Kottke.org is 25 years old ⊗ Future Today Institute’s 2023 Tech Trends Report  Keep reading →

No.255 — Mar 12, 2023

Designing an Economy Like an Ecologist ⊗ A Society that Can’t Get Enough of Work ⊗ The Imminent Danger of AI Is One We’re Not Talking About

Speak no evil ⊗ Curation vs. Consumption ⊗ Pirates and farmers ⊗ Alternate Histories and the Real World  Keep reading →

No.254 — Mar 05, 2023

Multiplayer Futures ⊗ What Has Feelings? ⊗ How I Research a New Subject

A Legendary World-Builder on Multiverses, Revolution and the ‘Souls’ of Cities ⊗ Calibrating experiences of the future ⊗ Learning together for responsible artificial intelligence  Keep reading →

No.253 — Feb 26, 2023

ChatGPT Is a Blurry Jpeg of the Web ⊗ On Technological Optimism and Technological Pragmatism ⊗ Paying Ourselves to Decarbonize

Max Pain (A Recent History) ⊗ Worldbuilding is creative resilience ⊗ Fairy Tale as MFA Antidote ⊗ Leonardo da Vinci and gravity  Keep reading →

No.252 — Feb 12, 2023

Creatures that Don’t Conform ⊗ We’ve Always Been Distracted, or at Least Worried that We Are ⊗ Dark Futures

People, Processes and Tools. Assemblage ⊗ ChatGPT will destabilize white-collar work ⊗ A more flexible approach to machine learning  Keep reading →

No.251 — Feb 05, 2023

Unease, Writing, and Thinking ⊗ The Art of Futuring ⊗ Material Intelligence

The machines of mastery ⊗ Wakanda Syllabus ⊗ “Three-Body” series ⊗ ChatGPT for Strategic Foresight  Keep reading →

No.250 — Jan 29, 2023

The Map Room Is a Physical Room-Size Wiki for Collaboration From the 1950s ⊗ Computers Enable Fantasies ⊗ Imagination Infrastructure — What Do We Mean?

Accelerating transition by concentrating on positive tipping points ⊗ Who owns the generative AI platform? ⊗ Worlding with digital twins ⊗ Science Fiction as a Futurist Tool  Keep reading →

No.249 — Jan 22, 2021

‘If You Win the Popular Imagination, You Change the Game’: Why We Need New Stories on Climate ⊗ Imagination Infrastructures ⊗ AI and the Big Five

Meet Michael Running Wolf, the man using AI to reclaim Native languages ⊗ Hyperconnected culture and its discontents ⊗ Social quitting  Keep reading →