Note — Jul 19, 2020

Our Ability to Process Information Is Reaching a Critical Limit

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This will not be super new to anyone, since we are all dealing with it, but an interesting piece nonetheless on how “everything is happening so much,” and neither us as individuals or media organizations have the time to properly process and analyse what’s going on, opening the door to stress, anxiety, fake news, and important issues disappearing from the conversation too quickly. Don’t doomscroll, friends!

“Our research has shown that negatively valenced news conveys that negativity to the consumer and makes them feel more anxious, stressed, or even depressed, and this negativity then feeds into their own personal worries and concerns which makes people worry for longer and often worry catastrophically.” […]

Give someone enough time to process what they’re reading, and they’re more likely to believe the truth… But time is an increasingly rare commodity.