Note — Nov 18, 2018

Afrofuturism Is Not for Africans Living in Africa

Quite an interesting view on the currently hot micro genre. Found via this thread / series of quotes by Nanjira who’s bio has this nice turn of phrase: “Itinerant African, claiming spaces and narratives not imagined for we.”

Afrofuturism is an escape for those who find themselves in the minority and divorced or violently removed from their African roots, so they imagine a ‘black future’ where they aren’t a minority and are able to marry their culture with technology. That is a very important story and it means a lot to many people. There are so many wonderful writers from the diaspora dealing with those feelings or complexities that it would be insincere of me to parrot what they are doing. […]

It would be disingenuous of me to take Afrofuturism wholesale and pretend that it is ‘my size’. What I want for Africans living in Africa is to imagine a future in their storytelling that deals with issues that are unique to us.