Note — May 23, 2021

After Neoliberalism: the Politics of Place

This one is a “I’ll have to think about it” kind of article. It’s an interesting view on how the left - right axis might be shifting, where mostly western countries would be “moving to a new form of political alignment based on geography rather than social class.” To me it reads more as a framework to understand the transition, than how the parties’ visions might be evolving. In other words: that’s not how they would see it.

At the very least, interesting to attach the closing around cities with the radically transformed cities above, and of course the parallel to my comment on progressives.

Both are based on place, but while the populist versions are based on authority, the left versions (for example: Greens, Podemos, the Momentum element in the British Labour Party, the early Syriza, and so on) are constructed around notions of rights. This can even be thought of as a literal construction, of the right to the city, and of the occupations of public space that marked the indignados, nuit debout and the Occupy movement. […]

Alliances of cities will bypass national governments to promote more progressive agendas that are more aligned with the values both of their citizens and their business leaders.