Note — Oct 31, 2021

How AI Is Reinventing What Computers Are

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If you forget for a moment all the baggage around AI hype, this is actually a good piece on the different microchip needs for the last few decades vs the chip needs for AI, which also changes how computing is evolving. “Unlike traditional chips, which are geared toward ultrafast, precise calculations, TPUs [and GPUs] are designed for the high-volume but low-precision calculations required by neural networks” (Tensor Processing Unit and Graphics Processing Unit).

AI changes that on at least three fronts: how computers are made, how they’re programmed, and how they’re used. Ultimately, it will change what they are for. […]

With machine learning, programmers no longer write rules. Instead, they create a neural network that learns those rules for itself. It’s a fundamentally different way of thinking. […]

For Bishop, the next big breakthroughs are going to come in molecular simulation: training computers to manipulate the properties of matter, potentially making world-changing leaps in energy usage, food production, manufacturing, and medicine.