Note — Oct 25, 2020

AOC’s Among Us Twitch Stream Is the Future of Politics

Short article at Polygon but worth a read, and pin it somewhere in your notes, this framing of AOC’s supporters as fans and this kind of interaction will be more common and increasingly carry weight in coming years. Also, I’m sadly not the first to think of that phrase but; Gaming is eating the world.

What’s different in 2020 is that fandom doesn’t just prop people up. Fandom organizes. […]

Fandom, in other words, has power — and many fans know how to wield it. Combine that with an authentic politician who knows how to speak candidly with her constituents, and you’ve got a potent combination of visibility and enthusiasm. […]

The future of politics isn’t just young, tech-savvy, and meme-literate. It is accessible. Ocasio-Cortez talks to everyday people on Twitter and Instagram Live, and even visits constituents in Animal Crossing.