Note — Feb 06, 2022

Artefacts From Hopeful Futures

I already linked to the Decentralising Digital project in the past but just in the Asides, the link above is to an essay at Branch highlighting some of the hopeful artefacts from the future developed during the project. Very solarpunk, very Superflux, and full of jugaad.

India seems to be quite prevalent in fiction and futures over the last year or two (that I’ve noticed, anyway), it seems to be seen as usefully half-way (physically, conceptually, and ‘developmentally’ (big air quotes there)) between China as ‘dystopian autocracy’ and Africa as a ‘place where people invent stuff that hopefully doesn’t just fold into the crap the Americans are selling.’ Thoughts?

This is a future where people are not beholden to technology but choose to use it for their own good. A future where technology supports and complements existing sustainable patterns and behaviours, rather than imposing new ones. […]

The emergence of open Voice AI means that people are free to create their own voice assistants, naming and interacting with them however they like. In time, these AI devices become less like assistants and more like pets; cared for, taught, and nurtured over many years. Their forms are crafted by local artisans and individualised to their users. […]

The increasing integration of technology into tribal life creates the need for new approaches and practices, particularly around the governance of the data it records and generates. One such approach is the development of Data Stewards, people elected by the tribe to oversee the data, its collection, its use, and how it is shared.