Note — Apr 11, 2021

Beyond Human-Centered Design

The team at SPACE10 explaining how they are switching their design practice to one they’ve titled People & Planet. I’ve covered various other similar takes in the past, still good to share and integrate; too much focus on individual users has too often resulted in products and services that ignore and damage everything else.

‘In the pursuit of frictionless user experience, we have prioritised usability over everything else — including our health, and the well-being of our planet.’ […]

‘If we can design inclusively — not just products, but supply chains, manufacturing, distribution, etc. — , we can empower many more people, both individually and as part of a system, to tackle the biggest challenge of our generation.’ […]

We have seen and experienced that governments around the world can act on a global challenge, and that people can change their behaviour, in a very short amount of time. That should make us stubbornly optimistic about our collective capacity to design a more hopeful tomorrow.