Note — Mar 07, 2021

The Billion Seconds Institute

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This one is not an article but a new project by the fine folks at IAM: “a lifelong learning initiative to organise a network of specialists, advisors and communities of practice to reimagine the ways we understand and shape the mental, social and environmental impacts of the digital economy.” I like it, I’m sure I’ll join, you should have a look. If you want to read more about their thinking, you should also read The Everything manifesto.

Beyond my interest in the team and the topics of the institute, also file this in the vicinity of your notes for the future of work, lifelong learning, care / maintenance, and dark forest / squads. A loose network of mission-driven people supporting each other, learning from each other, outside of classic curricula and structured learning, is something to keep an eye on, and hopefully a model we see more of.

[W]hen you look at the scale of the ‘Big Tech’ corporations shaping the digital economy by using the “break things and move fast” ethos to break “things” like democracy and move “fast” to avoid taxes and lobby against privacy or antitrust laws. […]

What if we go beyond understanding humans only as consumers or users, and then design for and with citizens who have rights and duties, promoting digital literacy, tolerance and solidarity and enabling everyone to make better and more conscious decisions individually and collectively? […]

If we start thinking of ourselves as citizens instead of users or consumers, as interdependent instead of self-sufficient, we will quickly realise that individual action is not enough.