Note — Mar 15, 2020

A Blank Page for a New Beginning

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Reading this I had the recurring feeling that the interview is too positive, that we need to be concerned for the vast ongoing human suffering a lot more before fully jumping into such a vision. Still, I really hope that the “new beginning” Li Edelkoort envisions in her answers is something that will come to be. One where the human race takes a great step back from neoliberalism, overconsumption, too much travelling, and destruction of the planet. I also wonder when and how people who understand the situation and the stakes can push others into a reflection, get more people to consider what they lose during the pandemic, and whether they really need to get back those loses.

The impact of the coronavirus will be layered and complex, going from disbelief and social reassurance to the progressive perception of the impact on our lives to an eerie apprehension of what the scenarios might be, to the realisation of eventual solutions by self-separation in society and self-contained offices, ateliers and retreats. […]

[T]he outbreak will force us into slowing down the pace, refusing to take planes, working from our homes, entertaining only amongst close friends or family, learning to become self-sufficient and mindful. […]

We will be in a position of having a blank page for a new beginning because lots of companies and money will be wiped out in the process of slowing down. Redirecting and restarting will require a lot of insight and audacity to build a new economy with other values and ways of handling production, transport, distribution and retail. […]

Unfortunately in this disaster, there is no immediate cure. We will have to pick up the residue and reinvent everything from scratch once the virus is under control. And this is where I am hopeful for: another and better system, to be put in place with more respect for human labour and conditions. In the end, we will be forced to do what we should have done already in the first place. […]

More →: One tweet with a “modest proposal” in nine points, very much in line with the reflection I mention above. Why does it take us a global pandemic to slow down? Now we’ve been granted the opportunity to reflect on our actions. Make the most of this quarantine: reimagine the way you live your life.