Note — May 12, 2019

Born-Digital Publications

Seen in → No.79

When the “about us” pages are super interesting, you know you’re in for something excellent to explore. Cita Press produces “[c]arefully designed public-domain books written by women in free, contemporary editions for print and web.” While Parametric Press “is an experiment, a born-digital magazine dedicated to showcasing the expository power that’s possible when the audio, visual, and interactive capabilities of dynamic media are effectively combined.” Both are teh awesome and are very much of now and inspiring in these days of gigantic surveilling platforms selling our attention. They use open tools, open licences, share ideas, and create collective works. I’ve spent a bit more time with Parametric Press and these people are just mad in the length, thoroughness, and technical chops they display in their loooong reads with embedded technical demonstrations. I encourage you to spend some time with both and think about the ideas in their content and their methods and philosophies.