Note — Oct 03, 2021

Burners, Pollution, Control & Privacy by a Thousand Cuts

Anil Dash argues that with the current wave of burner emails (one-time emails to create users on platforms), for a rare time we have a good tool to fight back against surveillance and tracking. Includes a look back at 2002 when some were already worried about controlling our identities.

Technically they didn't sell your data attached directly to your email, it's just that anyone else who already has your email address can buy access to the data. And everyone has your email address. […]

[Quote from 2002!] We’re all celebrities now, in a sense. Everything that we say or do is on the record. ... Do we have to permanently filter our thoughts and expressions, lest they be thrown back at us at some inopportune moment in the future? What do we do until people are used to seeking out context, until meta is intrinsic? Well, you have to own your name. I own my name. I am the first, and definitive, source of information on me.