Note — Apr 21, 2019

Cities Are Rising in Influence and Power on the Global Stage

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Explains some of the ways cities are historically not given access to power and how things might be changing. For my part, the only government representing me which I’m currently satisfied with and who seems to grasp the magnitude of what we face is at city level, all the others are just pissing around at the margins of the problem.

Cities are more involved in international policy-making, more savvy at navigating the international halls of power, more ambitious about voicing their opinions at the global level, and more influential in shaping global initiatives than perhaps at any time since Italy’scity-states dominated during the Renaissance. […]

National governments increasingly are seen as unresponsive at best, or dysfunctional at worst, in addressing some of the most dire threats and challenges facing humanity, of which the majority live in cities. Cities are stepping into the breach in ways that promise to reshape the international political order.