Note — Dec 13, 2020

City-States Are Back

Are they? In a number of countries there’s definitely a big divide between urban centres and non-metropolitan regions, considering the benefits of each and how they could function separately, can perhaps provide new insights on how a better balance between the needs of each can be achieved.

“For two generations, America has celebrated globalization with iconic intensity, when, as any working man or woman can see, it’s nothing more than capital on the prowl in search of ever cheaper sources of labour.” […]

Community currencies, from Bristol to Bavaria, make money a form of resistance against multinationals’ gutting of city centres. National initiatives often face problems of ‘deliverability’, but that’s rarely an issue when activism is inspired by, and bespoke to, the immediate topography. […]

A city, not a country, is where we’re able to enunciate not just rights but responsibilities, and where it’s possible to measure both the needs and the contributions of newcomers.