Note — Jul 19, 2020

Stories on Earth: A Collective Voice for the Human and Non-Human

Seen in → No.135

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Failed Architecture is preparing a project for the Venice Biennale 2021, this is an interview with the designers and writers who will collaborate with them. Interesting in part because they are answering as “one composite voice about nature, humanity, and storytelling.” And in part for the message itself, to consider “the inherent interrelationship between humans and the non-human.”

My goal is to strengthen this relationship by designing narratives and making books that explore past, present and future ways of inhabiting the landscape. […]

[S]mall observations in daily life are often a first step towards awareness of wider phenomena. That is why truly intersectional thinking doesn’t just stop at considering relationships between identities or individuations in the present, but rather considers histories and possible futures as well. […]

This crisis has already made it clearer than ever that we share the same planet, air and public spaces. It has given us all an opportunity to reevaluate our freedom and the importance of human interaction.