Note — Oct 11, 2020

Community-Led Futures Is a Radical Act

Can the use of foresight, of creating futures, be helpful for everyone and in this case for empowering communities? James Goodman shows us that not only can a practice of thinking about futures be empowering, but it can also be an impactful tool, even a radical act, because “even though the future is just a conceptual space, if we allow it to be dominated by those in positions of power now, those power imbalances will persist. We can’t create a more equitable system through an inequitable process.”

This is a kind of power. Using different futures tools and methods to inquire into the world and how it is changing, you end up taking a little more control over the future. […]

Communities will come under even greater pressure. Many will be marginalised and forgotten, with terrible repercussions for livelihoods, health and wellbeing. But creating thriving, resilient, powerful communities could be the starting point for a reconfiguration of the way things work.

More → A couple of weeks ago I “attended” Greg Lindsay’s interview with Madeline Ashby about her work and the book she co-authered, How To Future. I asked a question very much in the vein of the above article. Have a watch for more on cities, sci-fi, the book, futures and their use for communities.