Note — Jun 19, 2022

Introducing the Community Power Compass

John V Willshire has been reading Graeber and Wengrow’s book The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity and has extracted from it six principles about the “two sides of power; freedom and control.” He’s been wondering how these can apply to communities, especially those currently organising in the Web3 space. In the process, willsh considers the generations of the web, proposes a quadrant view of groups along the “presents as” and “actually is” axes of decentralisation, and wonders about Web3 or Web Free? In the end, he proposes a compass with three questions of freedom and three questions of control. I’ve yet to read part 2 but it’s already a way of considering communities that I’m looking forward to using and contemplating.

Often though, the stories of Web3 always seems to me be the economic equivalent of someone explaining that gravity works sideways rather than downwards. […]

Why are people willing to (once again) entertain a community-based generation of the web? When they look at the web works today, what is letting them down? Where do they see the potential of fixing it this time around? What will stop the same thing happening again? What are they prepared to do about it?