Note — May 02, 2021

Meet the Company Designing Tech for Superheroes and Spacecraft

Fun interview at Maddie Stone’s reliably excellent The Science of Fiction, with Perception’s Jeremy Lasky. Fun for all the great visuals the firm has been making for Marvel movies and the videos showing their work and proofs of concept. Less fun for how blatantly obvious it makes the science - science fiction - fx - tech companies loop and the influence fiction has on which technologies are developed. If we knew that the founders and directors of these companies listened to the social messages and warnings of authors, it would be one thing; since we know they mostly ignore them and just go for the cool gadgets, it’s another. Still, enjoyable look at Perceptions’ work!

We've worked with Apple; we've worked with SpaceX. We've been working with Ford for many years,; we've worked with Mercedes, BMW, Maserati. We've gotten to work in a lot of different industries. And it's taking the inspiration from the science fiction of the films and asking ‘how can we use that to inspire real world technology companies’? […]

A thing that we're always considering [in our film work] is this idea of a 'technological climate'—what is the technological climate of our society now. What is feasible with technology? And knowing that, how do we go just a little bit beyond? If we go too far beyond it, you'll lose everybody, people won't buy it. So it's knowing how far it's okay to push before you start losing people. […]

We love to consult with scientists and engineers. We're always looking for any expert in a particular field that we're going into so we can bounce ideas. If it's not grounded in reality, then it's just a bunch of glowing blue stuff on a screen.