Note — Feb 10, 2019

Computational Landscape Architecture

Seen in → No.66

🌳😍 Computational Landscape Architecture

Geoff Manaugh attaching a bunch of technical articles about wifi into a kind of magically realistic little series of fantasies about forests and computers.

You can imagine, for example, vindictive foreign governments purposefully surrounding an American embassy with trees unpermissive of signal propagation, even deliberately donating specific indoor plant species known for their negative effects on electromagnetic signals. A kind of living, vegetative Faraday cage.

Read their paper to find out more, but what seems so interesting in the present context is the idea that forested landscapes could be grown to cultivate their WiFi computational ability. Like botanical pinball machines, you could design, plant, and grow entire forests based on their ability to reflect future WiFi signals in very specific ways, artificial landscapes destined to perform computational tasks.