Note — Aug 30, 2020

The Conscience of Silicon Valley

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I don’t often link to this kind of interview but I’m intrigued by Jaron Lanier and this is a fun mix of biographical and some of his ideas about technology. Nothing earth shattering in there but if, like me, you find him interesting, it’s a good read.

What I really hoped to do, I said, was to talk about the future and how to live in it. This year feels like a crossroads; I do not need to explain what I mean by this. We are on the precipice of ruin or revolution or both. We are sick of looking at social media, but social media is also maybe driving the most significant and necessary social movement of my entire life. I want to destroy my computer, through which I now work and “have drinks” and stare at blurry simulations of my parents sometimes; I want to kneel down and pray to it like a god. […]

“This idea that you can fuck up the world, but then there’ll be some part of it that you haven’t fucked up, is wrong. If you fuck up the world, you fuck up the whole world, you know?” […]

“They don’t even really acknowledge that you are contributing, as if artificial intelligence came from nowhere, instead of from data derived from you and me.”