Note — Dec 13, 2020

Countdown Clocks, Zines, and an Imagined Website From 2001

Matt Webb keeps cranking out a dizzying number of smart posts on his blog. I mean, blogging a few times a week is one thing, but such diverse and thought-provoking ideas? Damn! This one, on automated collaborative zines, stuck with me and I’d love to do something like that soon. Perhaps the next quarterly project? I haven’t dug into yet but I’m pretty sure and would do the job, and could work with something like a light version of how CLOG does submissions.

But what I’d like more of is the ability for those groups to produce something together. Barn raising. And the artefacts of those collective efforts… zines, videos, visual art, screenplays: things which are finished. Complete. Not posts in Facebook groups. Websites. […]

A Slack workspace that has a special \#links channel, and every Friday it gets compiled into a newsletter, sent to whoever is online for a quick review, and posted out to all subscribers. Emailed replies to the newsletter are directed back into Slack, where they appear like messages in bottles. […]

A drag-and-drop Figma canvas that a design group drops and arranges inspiration image into, and every couple of weeks it all gets printed with Newspaper Club.