Note — Apr 25, 2021

Cozy Futurism

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It’s only in writing this blurb that I realized the post fits with the AI and VR ones as “wrong dreams.” Future imaginaries are often focused on space and advanced tech. How about focusing instead on a cozier future of “urban reform, renewable energy, solving climate change; focusing on specific problems and having tech as an ends”?

In contrast, cozy futurism, as in the original tweet, starts not with technology but with current problems and human needs and looking at how those could be solved and met; so you could imagine societies where poverty is absent, housing is affordable, cities are architecturally pleasing (There is only so much glass and steel one can take before yearning for good old bricks, stones, and wood), economies are environmentally sustainable, and all disease is cured. […]

I'd say that cozy futurism is a subset of solarpunk, and that one could imagine multiple cozily futuristic ideologies or aesthetics, solarpunk being one. […]

Being a cozy futurist is being aware that even when indubitably science & technology are cool, we can't forget about the lives of the users of said technology; the goal is a nice future, not just a technically advanced future.