Note — Apr 18, 2021

Creativity Is Dead, Long Live Curation

This one by Ana Andjelic was floating around my unreads for six months, glad I finally circled back to it. Quoting quite a bit from Hans Ulrich Obrist, artistic director at the Serpentine Galleries, it’s an interesting look at curation in fashion or by brands, but also more generally its importance in culture and in taming the flow of products and information.

This expanded meaning of curation makes products only one of the currencies individuals and brands trade in. “It has a lot to do with proliferation of ideas. It includes non-objects, quasi-objects and hyper-objects, like the weather, that are more complex systems,” says Obrist. […]

“The curator is a junction-maker, a catalyst, a sparring partner, somebody who builds bridges,” says Obrist. […]

Curators bridge the gap between different taste communities and introduce them to one another. They also often connect people, products and ideas in a way that creates something that’s simultaneously new and familiar. […]

[C]onnecting them with a point of view and a subculture that makes them stand out in the vortex of speed, superficiality, and newness.