Note — Aug 09, 2020

We’ve Reached a Crossroads on Our Path Towards Dystopia

Version of a speech by Kim Stanley Robinson. A reader mentioned that sometimes I re-ash the same ideas a few too many times (hit reply if you have thoughts agreeing or disagreeing), this might be one of those times but if you are worried about the climate, extinctions, inequality, and capitalism, this is very much worth a read because of the very clear way in which Robinson puts forth the link between all of those issues, how “we” have all the tools to organize the world differently so everyone can live properly, and on the long, multi-generational political battle to get there.

The sustainable and just civilization that we all hope to create cannot be built using a capitalist economy. […]

[S]olving inequality is not just the right thing to do; it’s the optimally survivable thing to do. […]

So we can describe a utopian vision that addresses poverty and biodiversity and injustice which is realistic given our technology, our social skills, and the physical resources of the whole biological community of Earth. […]

Because technologies don’t just involve machinery. Technology is the full spectrum of ways we organize our relationship to the physical world. […]

You build the scaffold you can in this current situation, and then hope the next generations can keep building on that scaffold and raising the level of discourse and activity to achieve a higher level of interaction with the planet. […]

So a first step is just a return to a Keynesian understanding that government needs to regulate business, rather than the opposite, and as governments create money, to create and spend money appropriately to meet human needs.