Note — May 16, 2021

How the Cult of Bill Gates Is Leading Us Towards a Climate Disaster

Gates again, this time on his influence on the climate crisis, where he’s trying to get governments to focus on hypothetical technologies and the financing of private companies to pursue them, instead of simply using existing tech, and scaling fast enough to make the difference. I admit, in recent years I fell victim to the Gates PR machine and his philanthropic work. No more.

Gates’s ‘solution’ centres around increasing innovation to develop new zero carbon technologies while bringing down their green premiums. However, this is reliant on years of research and development at the public’s expense, followed by rapid roll out through the private sector – such hopes are ultimately a pipe dream, because technological transitions take far too long to be feasible with net zero by 2050. Instead, we need to focus on existing technologies, alongside social transitions, which historically take ~40 years less than technological ones.