Note — May 24, 2020

Cultural Invention

Tellart have been posting the videos of their Design Nonfiction series and the list of people they’ve spoken to is just … <chef’s kiss />. The latest, and the one I’ve linked above, is their interview with Jack Schulze, formerly of BERG, now of Playdeo.

So far I’ve watched the Cultural invention and Patterns of curiosity “chapters.” In the first he’s basically disassembling design’s claims of being user centered and about problem solving. He enjoys the various kinds of design he’s exposed to in the west but finds some claims nonsensical, they discuss IDEO, cultural invention, how industrial designers always dream of saving Africa, how much of design can be great, enjoyable, and worthwhile but definitely not solving anything or making the world better, as is often claimed. “Design that works outside of utilities is valid and a huge part of culture, just like art and music are, in a way. Design doesn’t need to justify itself by saying users are at the center of that process to be a welcome part of our society. Design is about culture invention.”