Note — Sep 02, 2018

Deep Swamp

File this project by Tega Brain (what a name!!) in the soft brain-explosion file.

Deep Swamp is a triptych of semi-inundated environments that gather together wetland life forms and artificially intelligent software agents. The agents, Nicholas, Hans and Harrison, patiently watch their swampy territories and modify the conditions in them. Every few minutes they adjust the light, water flow, fog and nutrients, to try to engineer their environments for different goals. Harrison aims for a natural looking wetland, Hans is trying to produce a work of art and Nicholas simply wants attention. Using a deep learning approach, each software has learnt what their goal might look like, by parsing thousands of tagged and categorized images downloaded from online collections. Over and over they try new combinations of settings, photograph themselves and then choose permeations that bring them closer to their programmatic desires.