Note — Mar 08, 2020

How to Design a Smart City that’s Built on Empowerment

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I’m not sure the article needed to be positioned as an alternative to corporate smart cities, other than because they are both visions of different futures. Nonetheless, it’s an enticing, well sourced and thoroughly linked picture of a “people-centric” city built on empowerment, building groups (“baugruppens”), technology used purposefully, coops, and community and data trusts.

Boise State University professor Steven Feldstein has found that 54 countries—representing 60% of the world’s population—have embraced pervasive surveillance, sourced from a coalition of willing vendors ranging from China’s controversial networking giant Huawei to U.K. arms maker BAE to familiar names like Amazon, Microsoft, and, yes, Google. […]

The World Health Organization found that empowerment is enhanced through a few key levers: 1) supportive groups, 2) meaningful community participation, and 3) resource mobilization. […]

Beyond rent, baugruppen could also participate in consumer utility, food, and transit cooperatives to further drive down the costs of basic needs, as proposed in models like Community Cooperative.