Note — Feb 28, 2021

Design Better Systems in a World Overwhelmed by Complexity

At OneZero, Ingrid Burrington interviewing Keller Easterling about her new book Medium Design. This quote seems to “place” the article and book pretty well; “her goal is less to galvanize readers behind her solutions and more to encourage a way of working and thinking that’s guided by creative reconfigurations and collaborations rather than delivering an imaginary TED Talk.” Touches on repair, not looking for the one solution, anticapitalism, ownership, and more. They mention mutualism a few times and you can consider the next piece, from an angle, as doing a “click and expand” on the concept.

I am trying to find a trapdoor out of that habit of mind — the search for the one and only argument, the one and only evil, the one and only enemy, or the Manichean struggle. […]

[T]his book is about another form of innovation that is not a quantifiable proof, a new technology, or a more precise measurement of doom. Instead, an innovation can be a relationship, a protocol, a way that things combine. […]

[K]ind of like a ruthless optimism—kind of an absence of naivete and more of a tactical optimism, understanding that something has to work, and it’s probably more worthwhile to believe that than to be the most correct about how it won’t work.