Note — Sep 25, 2022

Why Every Designer Should Be a Systems Thinker

I’m not sure if the title of this article by Helge Tennø is the correct angle, as it’s not that much about design. Doesn’t matter, it’s a good read on systems thinking, which I haven’t mentioned as much recently, but fits perfectly with the two other featured above. More importantly, I recommend it as a jumping off point, using the multiple links and embedded videos he includes.

Analytical thinking helps us understand how stuff works, systems thinking helps us understand why stuff works. […]

With too many models the risk increases that the models don’t communicate, inform each other or help the team prioritize across. More models aren’t necessarily better. Fewer models might focus and strengthen the insights collection and sensemaking. […]

In linear thinking you assume the solution is known and you are trying to have less people decide. In systems thinking you assume the perfect answer is not known, but needs to be learned and you motivate the whole system to learn and share — increasing the speed and scale of learning.