Note — Feb 16, 2020

Centaurs or Butlers? Designing for Human Relationships with Non-Human Intelligences

A short (15min) talk by Matt Jones on my preferred way of looking at AI, or at least one of the aspects I find most promising; as augmentation and companion species. I.e. not superiors created to control chunks of society but something more akin to service dogs. (Via Exponential View.)

The reason I mentioned puppies and dogs is [in] thinking about this as non-human companion species. There’s been a lot written about companion species, relationships, and thinking about the notion of the working animals that we’ve co-evolved with, to sort of extend ourselves and work with, rather than replacing us. It’s something that I’m very inspired by and interested in. […]

What do we get from creating a relationship to learned systems to AI, to machine intelligences, that are still me but an extension of me. Me but not me, rather than an othered assistant that I have a dialogue with. What if there [were] other sorts of relationship that we can have with with these entities.