Note — Nov 08, 2020

How Discord (Somewhat Accidentally) Invented the Future of the Internet

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I don’t usually feature this kind of company-bio article but the hyperbolic title is somewhat right, Discord is something different and has come at exactly the right time in terms of the dark forest of the internet shift and the pandemic, positioning them perfectly for both and to influence where community, and the act of being together online, is taken.

Sub-trend; it’s also yet another gaming tool having a broader impact, things like Unity, and Unreal being used in tv and movies is one of my pet examples but Discord also follows Flickr and Slack as chat tools built for games before becoming the lifeline and core product of the original companies.

Fast-forward a few years, and Discord is at the center of the gaming universe. It has more than 100 million monthly active users, in millions of communities for every game and player imaginable. Its largest servers have millions of members. […]

”It created a place on your computer and on your phone,” Citron said, “where it felt like you friends were just around, and you could run into them and talk to them and [hang] out with them.” You open up Discord and see that a few of your friends are already in the voice channel; you can just hop in. […]

[B]y putting all those things together, in a way that felt more like hanging out than doing work, Discord found something remarkable. Everybody talks about the notion of the Third Place, but nobody’s come closer to replicating it online than Discord.