Note — May 12, 2019

Don’t Let Industry Write the Rules for AI

The esteemed Yochai Benkler with some ideas we’ve covered before, interesting for these two points:

When designed for profit-making alone, algorithms necessarily diverge from the public interest — information asymmetries, bargaining power and externalities pervade these markets. … I see these sorts of service as the emissions of high-tech industry: they bring profits, but the costs are borne by society. […]

A university abdicates its central role when it accepts funding from a firm to study the moral, political and legal implications of practices that are core to the business model of that firm.

Also: This one seems rosy tinted to me, especially the second half, but some fun examples and links; Artificial Intelligence Is Automating Hollywood. Now, Art Can Thrive.

And even though face mapping and swapping technology would normally take weeks, Digital Domain’s machine learning algorithm could do it in nearly real-time, which let them set up a sort of digital mirror for Brolin.