Note — Feb 07, 2021

Dreaming Big

Another excellent piece, this one by Christopher Butler who goes from his “family of sorts” congregating, dreaming of better futures to face trauma, Star Trek, relative simplicity, and the relationship of The Amish with technology. The whole thing is very well woven together in a thoughtful meditation on living a simpler life.

Through his mention of Star Trek and its worldbuilding, it pairs very well with the previous, and through The Amish with the speculative Luddite society in the next article.

Imagining a better future is difficult to do. It’s especially difficult for those who know the inner-workings of the present. If you know any portion of the detail involved in running this byzantine shitshow that we call modernity, you also know the thousands of things that kill the imagination. […]

The second value is one that every human should find accessible. It’s the one that I sensed when admiring those strange, peacefully retrograde communities stumbled upon by the Enterprise crew. Fundamentally, it’s the idea that progress isn’t complete if it’s not experienced by everyone. […]

It was always crystal clear to me that these communities had not just made that choice once, in the past, but that their way of life was in the choosing. That their culture was one of stewardship over their culture.