Note — Aug 04, 2019

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Visited Mauna Kea

Robin Sloan is a fan of The Rock and is “extremely confident that he will one day run for president of the United States.” It’s a fun theory and I always have a look at the Johnson appearances he links to. Very nice visit / video in the link above and I really like what he says in the blurb alongside it.

It’s respect for culture and approaching this with deep care and sensitivity. I’ll always be strong advocate for the advancement of science and technology, but never at the sacrifice of human beings who’s hearts are hurting thru mismanagement and breach of trust.

I believe in forward progress, but only when it comes thru humanity. I don’t believe in leaving people behind, I believe in bringing people with us.

The best of leaders find a way to make progress thru humanity and will always lead with empathy.