Note — May 19, 2019

EARTH: The Cement Ban

Catching up on some podcasts and this one from March by the ever interesting Rose Eveleth is a great listen. Starts from a speculative cement ban, and goes through some of the industrial era history of the material as well as the great difficulties in bringing potential replacements to market, and to actual use. Good example of how much work will need to go into making all the changes we need actually… happen. Loads of links in the notes too.

For the last fifteen years, David has been developing this invention into a material he calls Ferrock. It’s made from a few key ingredients: Steel dust, which is a byproduct from all kinds of industries that generally doesn’t get recycled. Silica, which is basically just ground up glass. And CO2, which is what makes the material harden. And for the last fifteen years, David has been trying to refine his product and get it out onto the market. And that first part, refining his product, that’s actually gone pretty well.