Note — Feb 28, 2021

An Ecological Civilization

I’m already primed for liking this kind of piece but even accounting for that, it reads like a relatively plausible vision. The end goal is very far removed from our current planetary situation but a lot of the examples and strategies to get to that point are actually doable and quite a few are actually already being applied by various organizations and even countries. Very compressed; the idea is to take something that looks like a lot of the left-leaning policies already needed and promoted around the world, and rethink them to integrate nature and its preservation, while also taking it as a model and inspiration for humans to rejoin the natural world.”

This is the fundamental idea underlying an ecological civilization: using nature’s own design principles to reimagine the basis of our civilization.

Ecologies are themselves fractal, with the deep principles of self-organized behavior that perpetuate life shared by microscopic cells, organisms, species, ecosystems, and the entire living Earth. This form of organization is known as a holarchy, where each element—from cells on up—is a coherent entity in its own right, while also an integral component of something larger. […]

An ecological civilization, … would fairly reward entrepreneurial activity, but severely curtail the right of anyone to accumulate multiple billions of dollars in wealth, no matter what their accomplishments. […]

Manufacturing would be structured around circular material flows, and locally owned cooperatives would become the default organizational structure. Technological innovation would still be encouraged, but would be prized for its effectiveness in enhancing symbiosis between people and with living systems, rather than minting billionaires. […]

Governance would be transformed with local, regional, and global decisions made at the levels where their effects are felt most (known as subsidiarity). While much decision-making would devolve to lower levels, a stronger global governance would enforce rules on planetwide challenges such as the climate emergency and the sixth great extinction.